Written Expression


The Reading Clinic is currently offering two programs designed to assist struggling students with written expression:
YES! Writing Program for students who need to focus on the very early skills required for writing success.

The goals of this program are for beginning writers:
- To gain autonomy in printing by mastering letter sounds and letter formation.
- To learn basic parts of speech and simple sentence writing.
- To systematically be introduced to spelling together with capitalization, punctuation and early elements of grammar.
- To work on composing simple sentences and eventually connecting them on a single topic.
- To learn how to write complete simple sentences and how to extend them and make them more detailed.
- To learn how to join simple sentences to create compound sentences with correct punctuation, (complex and compound-complex sentence writing are covered if appropriate for the student).
- To learn how to plan and write well organized paragraphs, (narrative, descriptive, expository).

Program details:

Students will be assessed to determine the appropriate starting point in the program. The Writing Program will be tailored to the needs of the individual student. Mastery learning is our goal throughout, so the rate of progress for each student will vary as they acquire new skills.
Students should expect to commit to a minimum block of 25 one-to-one sessions and need to attend a minimum of twice weekly.
Twice weekly sessions are available Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday At the Reg Shadbolt Learning Centre. All sessions are 45minutes in length.

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