Over the past twenty years, our experience with hundreds of students over thousands of hours of remediation has led to the development of the Yes! Reading Program and Written Expressions Program. These programs have been developed based on extensive experience with a variety of Multi-Sensory Structured Language Programs and training in the Orton-Gillingham Approach.

Many reading disabilities are avoidable. If we intervene early, intensively and appropriately, many children with reading difficulties will achieve grade-level reading ability.
Our experienced reading therapists provide intensive one-on-one remediation that is systematic, sequential and multi-sensory. Our goal is to “close the gap” for students who are reading below grade-level and give them the skills they need to achieve academic success and improved confidence.

“The Reading Clinic has been a godsend to so many children that I have assessed over the years. The Intensive Remediation that is provided expertly and compassionately leads to outstanding gains both in reading skill and self-confidence. I highly recommend [The Reading Clinic] to all parents of children with Dyslexia.”
– Leonard Harris, PhD.,C.Psych

“A child’s success in school and throughout life depends in large part on the ability to read. The demands of the information age require that people be competent readers and writers if they are to participate and thrive in society.”
– Ontario Ministry of Education, Early Reading Strategy, 2003

“I can safely say that The Reading Clinic profoundly changed my daughter’s life.”
– A Reading Clinic Parent

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