Partner Events

Third-party events are organized by community groups, (e.g. school groups, unions or corporations) to help raise funds necessary for the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston & Area to operate our Programs to help ensure that every child is provided the best programming possible.

Tips for Success

The most important way to ensure that your event is successful is to plan carefully. Start with brainstorming event ideas, then develop a work plan and set deadlines for tasks to be accomplished. Also, ensure that your budget is realistic and keep detailed records of your expenses. Make sure everyone knows what they are responsible and accountable for.

Don’t forget to promote your event and your fundraising goals! The more people you get involved the more money you can raise.

If your event is approved, we can provide you with high quality logos that will keep your event looking sharp.

Interested in Hosting an Event in Support of the Boys and Girls Club of Kingston & Area?

For more information please contact:
Benjamin Leslie
Coordinator, Special Events
(613) 507-3306 ext. 112

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